Transforming Stars Scoring Shockwaves: Pivotal Strategies for Positive Impact

Recorded: Wednesday, November 8, 2023

With the release of the 2024 Star Ratings from CMS, plans must take time to assess the massive cut point shifts heavily influenced by the “Tukey Method,” plus other new and soon-to-be-finalized rules that are expected to have big impacts. What do these changes mean to your MA plan and Star Ratings, and what actions can you take to redirect these seismic energy shifts into supercharged strategies for improvements?

During the second webinar in our 3-part Star Ratings series, our industry experts dive into key focus areas, analysis of results and comprehensive strategies plans can take to address current and anticipated changes head on, to reach 4.0 to 5 Stars during the 2024 measurement year. 

Meet Our Speakers

Kempton Presley
Chief Analytics Officer,
Glenn Wirick
Chief Commercial Officer,

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