Medication Reconciliation Post-Discharge Is the Key to Reducing Avoidable Hospital Readmissions

Unplanned hospital readmissions are disruptive and stressful for health plan members, taking an estimated $17 billion toll on the healthcare system each year. MRP-Guide-Cover

Readmission rates are a key performance indicator and may influence member decisions about choosing a plan partner. A focus on MRP to reduce hospital readmission rates is crucial to:

  • Improve health plan member experience
  • Lower costs of care
  • Increase MA Star Ratings
Explore the impact of avoidable hospital readmissions on MA Star Ratings, how to provide timely access to completed MRP assessments using real-time data and tele-pharmacy outreach, and more when you download Post-Discharge Medication Reconciliation Is the Key to Reducing Hospital Readmissions.

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